Work in Progress Version

Download (Thanks to CuteFloor)

This demo was shown at the 1996 ECTS, and was released online and through several gaming magazines. It has one level, City of Vilcabamba, and has no sound. It's a rolling demo, meaning it's not meant to be playable. It would normally run off a script file called demo.dat which controls all of Lara's movements. Thanks to a patch by Gh0stBlade, which I've included in the zip file, the demo is now playable. The most notable difference compared to the final version is that instead of a compass there's a map device, which gives a 3D view of rooms you've already visited. Along with the usual weapons, there are grenades in the inventory, but they are non functional.

The controls are the same as in the final PC version. In addition, pressing c will enable flight mode, pressing shift will end flight mode, and pressing e and f will change the texture settings.

More videos:
Flying to the end of the level
Pool rooms
Skull room and key room