Sega Saturn betas

July 22 Beta Download
August 2 Beta Download

Beta title screen

These two betas each contain a sample of levels. The July 22 beta has Lara's Home (known as Gym here) and City of Vilcabamba, while the August 2 beta has Caves, City of Vilcabamba, St. Francis' Folly, and Cistern. In the July 22 beta, Lara has her normal outfit and pistols in her home, and there's a bear statue in the gym which is not there in the final version. In City of Vilcabamba, Lara starts in front of the doors instead of behind them, and they are textured differently as well, just like the Work in Progress Version. The August 2 beta does not contain this difference. Both betas use different sound effects than the final version, particularly the footsteps, and sound effect playback is glitchy, though it wasn't nearly as bad for me as it was in Gh0stBlade's videos below, where more differences can be seen. These betas can be played using the SSF emulator.

Videos (by Gh0stBlade):
July 22 beta Gym
July 22 beta City of Vilcabamba
August 2 beta Caves
August 2 beta City of Vilcabamba
August 2 beta St. Francis' Folly
August 2 beta Cistern

Preview video

The Sega Saturn preview vol. 1 disc has a video which appears to come from the August 2 beta or a similar one (Thanks to Karri):