3DFX beta


This beta was included on a driver CD bundled with the Diamond Monster3D graphics card. Despite being dated Ocober 1996, the code it was compiled from is actually from May, making it one of the oldest TR1 beteas we've seen. It contains the first two levels, Caves and City of Vilcabamba. There is also a file for Lost Valley, but it does not run. Similar to the Work in Progress Version, this is a rolling non-playable demo that runs off a script file. Gh0stBlade's patch, which I've included in the download link, makes it playable. However, he did not find a way to enable the menus.

Since this is a 3DFX demo, it will not run in the normal version of DOSBox. Instead, you'll need to use DOSBox SVN-Daum. Once you install this, open it and go to the Dos → Glide Emulation → Internal Emulation sub menu and click Enable. Then drag TOMB.EXE over the window to play. Unfortunately, the emulation is laggy. To play Caves, back up the files named CURRENT and rename the files named LEVEL1 to CURRENT.

Notable differences