In Development: Tomb Raider 3

E3 1998 demo

Here are some pictures and a video of a playable PlayStation demo of TR3 that was at the E3 1998 (Screenshot source: The Croft Times):

Beta title screen

Beta game play

This video shows the waterfall area also seen in the screenshots below.

Other old screenshots

These screenshots all show areas that didn't make it into the final version.

Beta waterfall

Beta waterfall

Beta stairs

Beta monument

May 1998 beta footage

This beta footage from the Australian TV show Ground Zero shows several areas that did not make it into the final game, inlcuding one seen in the screenshots above. The host activates the Dozy (flying) cheat near the end, which seems to evoke some laughter from the audience. All sound effects are from Tomb Raider 2.

Area 51 beta


This beta, dated October 6, 1998 (about 7 weeks before release), was oddly enough included on a demo disc that came with the North American PC release of Tomb Raider 3. PlayStation versions of this beta were included with various games and magazine demo discs. Some PlayStation builds have Tomb Raider 2 sound effects, but otherwise seem identical to this PC build whose sound effects are mostly the same as the final version. The beta contains only one level, Area 51. One of the biggest differences is that Lara starts the level in a jail cell instead of a truck, similar to the High Security Compound level that precedes this one in the final version. The option menu ring is disabled by default, but I've re-enabled it using Turbo Pascal's Tombpc editor so that you can save and load games. Note that the title screen is frozen when the game starts up, but pressing ctrl twice will start a new game. A no CD patch by SuiKaze Raider is also included.

Beginning of the level
Area 51 beta jail cell

In place of gamma, there's an option to turn the sky off
Area 51 beta sky option

First level demo


Beta Jungle Ruins

This is a PC demo of the first level, Jungle (known here as Jungle Ruins). Some differences between this and the final version include the fact that when you pick up an item, it's shown in the corner of the screen and that this has save crystals like the PlayStation version of TR3, though they don't do anything here.

There are a few mods you can do with this. The demo ends midway through the level, but someone by the name of The Great Vector made a patch that allows you to play all the way to the end. Using Tombpc editor, you can enable the option menu ring and save games the normal way, but the saving system is glitchy so loading a saved game won't always work. Finally, if you copy the audio folder from the TR3 final version CD into the demo's directory, music and background sounds will play.