In Development: Tomb Raider 2

E3 beta

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Around late July 1997, while TR2 was still in development, the E3 1997 demo of TR2 was leaked to the internet. The beta contains three levels: Bartoli's Hideout, Wreck of The Maria Doria, and Catacombs of The Talion, all of which are incomplete and have no end trigger.

Beta Bartoli's Hideout

Beta Wreck of The Maria Doria

Beta Catacombs of The Talion

Only Bartoli's Hideout is supposed to be playable, but you can see demo modes of all three levels. The other 2 levels are playable by going into the data folder, making a copy of (Catacombs of The Talion) or (Wreck of The Maria Doria), and changing the name to (backup the original first). Typing in dozy while playing will let you fly and give you all weapons and ammo (press shift to exit fly mode). Note that if you're also playing the final version of TR2 on your computer, you'll need to run CleanRegistry.reg after playing the beta, or the controls will become glitchy.

PlayStaion beta


A complete PlayStion beta of Tomb Raider 2 was leaked to rom sites around August 2007. The dates of the beta's files range from September 18 to September 29, 1997. It's playable up until a dead end in The Deck, but the PAL level skip cheat can be used to get around it. It is closer to the final version of the game with some differences such as these:

Beta title screen

Beta Lara's Home

Beta Lara's bed

The FMV sequence before Offshore Rig is different and looks a little unfinished.
Beta Offshore Rig FMV

The monks in Barkhang Monastery are your enemy even if you don't hurt them. They leave behind items when you kill them such as the Main Hall Key. In the final version, the key is already on the ground and not with the monk.
Beta monk

Different textures in Temple of Xian
Beta Temple of Xian

Game play videos by Gh0stBlade

Old screenshots

Here are some earlier screenshots of the game (Source: The Croft Times):

Early beta Bartoli's Hideout

Early beta Bartoli's Hideout

Early beta Bartoli's Hideout

Old videos

Notice the sound of Lara's guns in the first part.