In Development: Tomb Raider 1

Beta versions

  Date Console Download?
Planet Lara beta Early 1996? PC No
3DFX beta May 1996 PC Yes
E3 1996 beta May 9, 1996 PlayStation Yes
Work in Progress Version July 2, 1996 PC Yes
Saturn betas July 22 and August 2, 1996 Sega Saturn Yes
Games Machine beta September 4, 1996 PC Yes

Old enemies

Atlantean enemies

Someone named Rivendell from the Tombraiderforums scanned this in from the book Tomb Raider Files. To the right, we can see the familiar atlantean Lara. But to the left, we see what appears to be an atlantean dinosaur. This is not seen anywhere in the game. The model of this dinosaur can be found in the Atlantis level file in the Games Machine beta.